fototazo Mexico Workshops 2017

In Bogotá, getting ready to board a Wingo flight to Mexico. Yes, Wingo is an airline.

I recently travelled to Mexico with ten former fototazo microgrant recipients who have come together as a collective to support their continued education and development. The group consists of Alba Bran, Andrés Sánchez, Angélica María Restrepo, Aura Lambertinez, Eric Robledo, Edwin Ochoa Vélez, Juliana Henao Alcaraz, Margarita Valdivieso, Mónica Lorenza Taborda and Natalia Lopera.

Our trip from November 20th through December 7th included intensive workshops in Mexico City at Centro de la Imagen with Valentina Abenavoli, Patricia Lagarde and Yvonne Vanegas in an event entitled Folio 001. Our time in Mexico City also included additional workshops outside the event with Larissa Leclair and Mariela Sancari.

We next stopped in Oaxaca for visits to Acervo de Toledo, Centro de las Artes San Agustín, Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo and Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca as well as for the chance to sit down with Eva Lépiz.

Donors contributed $4,366.56 towards this experience under the banner of Microgrant 21.

Workshop with Larissa Leclair at Centro de la Imagen

Margarita and Andrés (the two farthest to the right) with students from Mexico working with Valentina Abenavoli

Night out in Mexico City at a pretty fantastic cantina. Note the meat with a knife stuck in it, center of table. That was the presentation.

In Oaxaca with Eva Lépiz

With Eva Lépiz. At some point in these photos I fear you'll realize I didn't bring enough t-shirts and am too cheap to hire out laundry.

Getting the guided tour of Centro de las Artes San Agustín with Javier León Cuevas. Applications to the residency program there from
Colombia sure to spike by 1000% next year.

At Centro de las Artes San Agustín

The ten at the opening of Aura, Edwin and Mónica's exhibition "Ensoñaciones amarillas" in Oaxaca's Casa de la Cultura Oaxaqueña

The gang with special trip guest Raphael Crawford, Chair of fototazo's Board of Directors and a major donor to our trip

I discovered a solution to my perennial t-shirt problem to be no shirt at all. At Hierve el Agua outside Oaxaca.

It was a hell of a ride. Eternal thanks to these special ten.