fototazo Mexico Workshops 2019

Mariana, Natalia, Walter, Camilo and Juliana with Alejandro Cartagena

I recently travelled to Mexico with eight emerging photographers from Colombia: Juliana Henao Alcaraz, Mariana Betancur, Natalia Lopera, Walter Londoño, Lina Piedrahita, Camilo Pérez, Sofía Rojas,and Andrés Sánchez.

Our trip from May 12th through May 24th included workshops at Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City with Julián Barón and Alejandro Cartagena as part of the event Folio 002.

Donors contributed $2,600.00 towards this experience under the banner of Microgrant 25.

Down time with Andrés, Juliana, Natalia, Mariana and Sofía

Natalia, Walter, Sofía, Lina, Camilo and Juliana in Julián Barón's workshop "Ser Libro"

Camilo, Lina, Sofía, Andrés, Walter, Juliana, Mariana and Natalia with our man Alejandro Cartagena

Natalia and Juliana working with Julián Barón

Lina and Walter at our churros joint

Camilo, Walter, Mariana, Rafa, El Gringo Maldito and Andrés ready to rumble

Juiliana, Andrés and Natalia at fight night

Walter, Sofía, Natalia, Lina, Camilo, Andrés, Juliana and Rafa on the roof at Gimnasio de Arte. Thanks to José Luis and Livia!

Rafa, Andrés and Juliana mid-karaoke on our final night in Mexico