f100: Laura Boushnak and Gianluca Tamorri

© Laura Boushnak, from the series "Cluster Bomb Survivors"

fototazo has asked a group of 50 curators, gallery owners, blog writers, photographers, academics and others actively engaged in photography to pick two photographers that deserve (more) recognition - the underknown, the under-respected as well as not-appreciated-enough favorites. A little more information on the project is available in the first post in the series here.

Today we continue the series with responses from Stefano Bianchi.

We began the series with responses from Nicholas NixonMatt JohnstonBlake AndrewsJohn Edwin MasonAline SmithsonColin PantallMichael WernerLiza FetissovaLaurence Salzmann, Bryan Formhals, Richard Mosse, Shane Lavalette, Amy Stein, Amani Willett, Wayne FordS. Billie MandleLeslie K. BrownGordon StettiniusMarc Feustel, Hin ChuaAdriana Rios MonsalveDaniel AugschoellLarissa LeclairElinor Carucci, Pieter Wisse, Daniel EchevarríaNatalie MinikQiana MestrichJason Landry, Rona Chang, Stella Kramer, Joanne LukitshYumi Goto, Gwen Lafage, Heidi Romano, and Julie Grahame.

Respondent: Stefano Bianchi is Founder, CEO and Art Director of Crowdbooks, the first online crowdfunding platform for art and photo book publishing in the world. His passion for photography, quality design and craftsmanship, and an appreciation for the arts, led to the creation of the site. Stefano is an established graphic designer and communications consultant. He has worked with companies such as Magnumphotos Agency, Louis Vuitton, Relais & Châteaux, Dior, Fabrica (the Benetton group communications research center) and Diesel Jeans. From his current home base in Paris, France, Stefano acts as CEO of N2o Studio, a creative consulting agency.

Selections: Laura Boushnak and Gianluca Tamorri

© Laura Boushnak, from the series "Iraq Daily Life"

Laura Boushnak
Laura is a sensitive and delicate woman, whose photography reflects true and deep personals experiences. Although she works mainly around very strong social issues and themes of conflict, her talent allows her to tell these stories in a way which is unique either for the chosen subjects or their aesthetic. She revisits the ancient Middle Eastern cultures/roots which for the last few years have been changing very fast and offers an extremely fresh and positive vision.

© Gianluca Tamorri, Bob Elia

Gianluca Tamorri
Gianluca's pictures are incredibly powerful and incisive. His permanent search for essence and beauty is part of all his shots. Photography is a medium for him to express the reality and truth around him. I particularly enjoy his latest project "75003" about the Le Marais district in Paris which he has made into an outstanding self-published, quality book. There are so many aesthetically beautiful and deep images in this book, a very, very personal approach to illustrating one of the richest and most popular districts in Paris.

© Gianluca Tamorri, from the series "The Hornet's Nest"