Microgrant Photographer 9: Edwin Ochoa Vélez

Edwin Ochoa Vélez
Location: Bello, Antioquia, Colombia
Age: 28
Request: Tamron SP AF 28-75mm f/2.8
Grant Status: $400 of $400 (100%); Edwin will be contributing $30 to the purchase
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I am a student of fine arts at the University of Antioquia. My family is small, it consists of my mother and my two brothers and I - all three of us are students.

I have always been interested in art as a way to see the world through different way of looking and then to share the vision with others. I am interested in photography for all the opportunities it offers to record different realities that occur simultaneously, to know a little bit about people and their relationships to each other, about their spaces, their lives and the things we find in everyday life.

It is a unique tool that allows you to capture a moment that will never again be the same, or this person or place that strikes you and that connects you with different ways of seeing and thinking about the world, that gives you a chance to open your mind to new possibilities and to communicate something honest about people and their stories.

I believe in photography as a powerful way to connect to the world, to know who we are and where we are, how we inhabit the world, as do others and to share it as a fragment of a collective memory that is constantly under construction.

Portfolio "Momentos de Silencio"

The condition of loneliness and isolation has always been present in people. I look for moments of silence in which the subject is very distant from others around them, even while physically very close to them, the moments where their connection with the world occurs through memory and their ideas, the things we carry with us in our daily travels. I've always wondered what memories go through the minds of people in these moments, what they are dreaming of, and what are the thoughts that occupy them.