Microgrant 21: Mexico Foto Camp Workshops 2017

© Andrés Sánchez

Mexico Foto Camp Workshops 2017

Request: Financial help for ten former microgrant recipients to continue to build their careers by attending photography intensive workshops in Mexico in 2017 with Mariela Sancari and Alejandro Cartagena; to visit museums, galleries and photographer studios while there; and to participate in Foto México, a biannual photography event presented by Centro de la Imagen. Final dates for the trip will be announced soon, but are anticipated to be in November and December 2017.

Grant Status: Amount raised so far: $4366.56

Full Statement
This grant benefits a group of ten former fototazo microgrant recipients who have come together to support their continued education and development. The members are Alba Bran, Andrés Sánchez, Angélica María Restrepo, Aura Lambertinez, Eric Robledo, Edwin Ochoa Vélez, Juliana Henao Alcaraz, Margarita Valdivieso, Mónica Lorenza Taborda and Natalia Lopera.

The group has a very special opportunity for a two-week trip to Mexico at the end of 2017 that will include intensive workshops in Mexico City with Mariela Sancari and in Monterrey with Alejandro Cartagena, as well as the opportunity to participate in Foto México, a biannual photography event offered by the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City. While in Mexico, visits will additionally be made to photographer studios in Mexico City, Monterrey and Oaxaca, as well as to galleries and museums. More details will be forthcoming.

The total cost is estimated to be $650 per student.


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