f100: Kim Thue and Francilins

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fototazo has asked a group of 50 curators, gallery owners, blog writers, photographers, academics and others actively engaged in photography to pick two photographers that deserve (more) recognition - the underknown, the under-respected as well as not-appreciated-enough favorites. A little more information on the project is available in the first post in the series here.

Today we continue the series with responses from Luca Desienna.

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© Kim Thue

Luca Desienna is Co-Owner and Chief Editor of Gomma Online and Gomma Books Ltd., respectively a popular online portal for photographers and a bijou publishing house specializing in high-quality collectible photo books. Gomma was established in 2004 and for a few years it also ran an acclaimed photography magazine. "Gomma has over the years acquired a bold and reassuring image. Focusing entirely on contents and not on personalities, Gomma has a distinctive feel and a quiet anarchic approach to the industry." Luca is also behind MONO, a hardback photo book showcasing the best contemporary black and white photographers (to be published in fall 2012).

In addition Luca is an award-winning photographer who has received, among other prizes, the 3rd Place Winner at PX3, 1st Prize Winner at Simulacrum Photo Contest (judged by Richard Billingham), an official selection at the 2011 VOIES OFF and an Honourable Mention at this year's LENS CULTURE Exposure Awards. He's also taking part at the renowned PhotoVoice Auction in London. He has exhibited throughout Europe and has taken part to numerous Art Fairs and collective exhibitions.

Kim Thue and Francilins

© Kim Thue

Kim Thue was born in September 1980 in Grindsted, a small Danish town situated on the windy moors of Jutland. As a restless teenager he moved to the U.K. and is now based in London. He describes his work as "sequenced accumulations of unsung tragedies, vulnerable integrity and personally profound chance encounters."

Currently, Kim is drawing to a close a long-term book project from Freetown, Sierra Leone entitled Dead Traffic. About the book he writes: "Despite Sierra Leone being renowned for its brutal civil war, this work doesn't have a hidden political agenda in mind, a specific humanitarian issue to pinpoint or even a clear story to tell. Instead I hope to have shot something the viewer can tune into emotionally. Something that hits a nerve without being conceived as coercive in nature. A collection of images, suggesting simply an incredible abundance of human vitality and perseverance, flourishing within an overwhelmingly harsh and inclement city."

Publisher Calin Kruse adds, "Shot over the course of two trips lasting 10 months, Kim allowed enough time to fully submerse himself in the livelihoods and emotions of his subjects. His efforts leave us with an extensive, highly engaging and subjective visual account of a corner of the world normally unrevealed to most of us."

"Dead Traffic" will be released as a book by dienacht Publishing in Spring 2012 and will be available to pre-order from their website soon.

© Kim Thue

Francilins is a quiet, mysterious artist; his website has only two links, one to his email address and one to his blog – however his outsiderness, being premeditated or not, has a direct connection to his striking work.

Francilins is a true visionaire, an artist that is stretching the boundaries of photography. He savages the medium for his own visions, forcing us to enter a world that is blurred and scarred and raw. He seems to be using sex and lust as a means to recreate a balance within the maelstrom of human emotions.

He's recently been selected at Noorderlicht with a series titled VI ELAS - an outstanding work documenting a prostitution complex in Belo Horizonte.

Speaking about this place Francilins says "…light does not come from the same Sun, the light is weaker, it comes from little sources, in bright colours, mostly red. The air is much denser, sticky. Strong, sweaty smells invade my nostrils. This other world is labyrinthic, a great complex of narrow corridors compose the cartography. The movement is intense, many beings walking down the corridors, it seems like a big street market to me, apocalyptic and popular, where fast food is sold. …This dimension seems to me an eternal war, when I look up I see the image of a being who lives in another world."

© Francilins

© Francilins