Microgrant 19: Medellín Foto Camp 2016

© Alejandra Arias

Medellín Foto Camp 2016
Location: Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Request: Financial help for a workshop in Medellín in August, 2016 for 12 former microgrant recipients. The workshop will focus on helping them to create photobooks of their work. They will be working with a range of photographers in person in Medellín and online during the process of creating their projects including Gabriel Mario Vélez, Juan OrrantiaCamilo Echavarría, Jeff Rich, Irina Rozovsky, Alejandro Cartagena, Mariela Sancari and myself.

Grant Status: Amount raised so far: $821.92. 

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Eleven former fototazo microgrant recipients will be taking part in the Medellín Foto Camp 2016. Those taking part are Alba Bran, Alejandra AriasAndrés Sánchez, Angélica María Restrepo, Aura Lambertinez, Edwin Ochoa Vélez, Eric RobledoJuliana Henao Alcaraz, Margarita Valdivieso, Mónica Lorenza Taborda and Natalia Lopera.

The group has a special opportunity this summer to work with a range of photographers to help transform their work into photobooks. They have already spent two days with Mariela Sancari talking about photobooks in May, thanks to Croma Taller Visual of Bogotá, who were kind enough to let us work with her after they paid her way to Colombia for a separate series of workshops.

In July the group will work online with mentors Juan Orrantia, Jeff Rich, Irina Rozovsky and Alejandro Cartagena to develop their projects. In August, they will meet with Camilo Echavarría, Gabriel Mario Vélez and myself at CreaLab in Medellín for a full day, hands on workshop and assessment of their progress. Finally, the process will end in late August with a final presentation and critique of their work at a house outside of Medellín with Juan Orrantia, Gabriel Mario Vélez and myself.

Please consider a donation to help cover basic costs of the workshop including transportation, food and materials.



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