International Site Profiles: Revista Nuestra Mirada

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Today we continue with Revista Nuestra Mirada.

SiteRevista Nuestra Mirada
Editor: Pablo Corral Vega
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Recommended sample post: Yolanda Andrade: The Imaginary City
Frequency of posts: Low, about 0-3 posts per month, currently appears inactive
Founded: November 2009
Last updated: February 2012
In a sentence: Spanish-English language site focused on portfolios of contemporary photographers based in Latin America with a focus on photojournalists.

Nuestra Mirada is a well-done magazine that publishes photographer portfolios and accompanying texts in both Spanish and English; unfortunately the magazine appears to be inactive. Nonetheless, the archives are a source for discovering projects from photojournalists across Latin America, especially from México and Argentina.

Revista Nuestra Mirada is a companion to a very active social network for Latin American photojournalists which is a good place to discover their work. The social network, unlike the magazine, is just in Spanish. Nuestra Mirada also runs a blog, although it hasn't been updated since 2010.

Nuestra Mirada can be found on Facebook.